Sharing Employee Testimonials:
An Inside Look at Our Company Culture

At the Future Automotive Group, we value our employees and their contributions to our organization’s outstanding success and growth. We look forward to a bright future ahead as we continue to expand our teams with loyal, hardworking, and talented employees. Our dealerships offer a family-friendly and supportive work environment throughout all departments, where you can be assured a fulfilling career path.

“I have been working with Future for 11 years now. I started in the Business Office and worked my way to our Payroll/ HR department for the group. Future has provided me with endless opportunities to grow as a career woman, and I am deeply grateful for that. I thoroughly enjoy working with every one of our staff members – it’s such a dynamic community!”

  • Jessica Pelzl-Sisneroz
Jessica Pelzl Sisneroz

“I’ve worked at Future for over 21 years, and what has kept me here for this long is the great, tenured team of people I work with as well as our continued success.”

  • Ken Klima

“I was first hired as a lot porter/ detailer for Future Ford of Roseville, and today I am the Inventory Manager for our Ford dealerships in Roseville and Sacramento. I have stayed with the Future Automotive Group because Future has good people and treat their employees like family.”

  • Brandon Bills

“At Future, we strive to promote from within – there is endless opportunity within our group. I have been allowed to continuously grow and learn because the leadership here is exceptional. I have fulfilled lifelong dreams through my time of employment here including having a family, purchasing a home, and taking some amazing vacations too.”

  • Trish Jones

“Working for the Future Automotive Group gives employees not just a job but a career for life. There’re great opportunities for advancement, giving employees the chance to make their professional dreams come true. The career, the competitiveness, the dynasty, and the glory are all reasons why I’ve worked here for as long as I have.”

  • Mark Roos

“Work hard and serve your customers well… and you will do well. There is never a question about being honest with our customers and doing what’s right when a mistake is made.”

  • Tom Ley

“The best part of working here at Future is all the people you meet.”

  • Bernardo Mendoza

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Meet the People of the Future


After 29 years with Future Nissan of Roseville, August 31st marked Tom Serpico’s retirement! As our Parts & Service Director for three decades, he has played a pivotal role in our success and serving multiple generations of customers. We wish him the best on his new adventure in life, including lots of travels and extra quality time spent with his grandchildren. Thank you Tom, for many years of hard work and dedication— you will always be a part of the Future Family!


She believed she could, so she did. A few years ago, Melissa moved to Concord from Mexico by herself. She learned English and overcame many challenges, before joining the Future Automotive Group. She credits where she is today to learning from others (specifically Jimmy's training), her coworkers' guidance, moral support from afar and the meaningful friendships she's made so far during her time here.

"When you face difficult times, know that challenges are not sent to destroy you. They're sent to promote, increase and strengthen you."

- Melissa Quintero, Future Hyundai of Concord

Co-Worker, Mentor, Friend

After 34 years, Tom retires today from Future Nissan of Roseville. Throughout his time here, he has been not only a co-worker and mentor, but a friend to many. He has set an example to be followed in the future and cherished by those of us that were fortunate enough to have experienced it for ourselves.

- Tom Ley, Future Nissan of Roseville


Maribel started working in the automotive industry over 20 years ago at a parts store, but her experience with cars didn’t start there. As an 11 year old young girl, she began working on cars with her dad, and the hobby has continued ever since then. Her favorite car she’s worked on to date was an ‘81 Chevy Blazer. Today, she’s a shining star in the service department at Future Hyundai and one of the longest tenured employees at our Concord locations.

- Maribel Perez, Future Hyundai of Concord

Feel it, hear it, experience it.

That’s Mauricio’s motto when it comes to vehicles. Over 10 years in the business and he still loves the smell of a brand new car. Who doesn’t love that smell though?

- Mauricio Arce, Future Hyundai of Concord

“Learn continually — there’s always 𝑜𝓃𝑒 𝓂𝑜𝓇𝑒 𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓃𝑔 to learn!” - Steve Jobs

New to the sales side of the automotive industry, Joey is looking forward to learning the Hyundai lineup in and out. It’s important to him to know the vehicles and be able to serve his customers without hesitation. He’s particularly excited about EVs and where they can take us in the future.

- Joey Ahmadi, Future Hyundai of Concord

A celebratory milestone.

41 years ago today, she started with Future back when there was just 1 dealership and less than 20 employees. In the years since then, she’s seen tremendous growth with our group to now 12 dealerships and over 1,100 employees. Suzie’s hard work, dedication, and loyalty is appreciated by all. #WorkAnniversary

- Suzie Johnsrud, Future Automotive Group

- Congratulations -

Grant Brewer and Chris Wildrick were both recognized by Plug In America, in partnership with SMUD. Chris was awarded the Best in EV Sales for the 2021 Sacramento PlugStar EV Sales Competition, as he sold the most EVs at Future Nissan of Roseville from September to December of last year. Grant was awarded Distinguished EV Salesperson for the 2021 Sacramento PlugStar EV Sales Competition.

The cars we drive say a lot about us.

His first car was a 2011 Camaro SS. His current rides are a Mazda 3 and motorcycle. But his dream? It’s a C8 Corvette with an orange exterior and black leather contrasting seats.

- Jesse Smith, Future Nissan of Roseville

“One opportunity used wisely can change your life dramatically.”

Living in Florida less than 6 months ago, 18 year old Anthony was at a crossroads in his current job and given the chance to attend a sales training event in Arizona with The Elliot Group. There, he connected with a few guys who worked at a Nissan dealership in Roseville, California. One thing led to another and a door opened. He packed up everything he owned in just one suitcase and book bag, and moved across the country to sell cars for Future. 4 months later, his story is just beginning.

- Anthony Alvarado, Future Nissan of Roseville